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For customers who opted-in for use of the Virena system, please register at to utilize account specific data management services and near real-time mapping of disease incidence and prevalence.

Wireless surveillance testing and reporting ultimately improves our global healthcare communities by producing an early warning system. Near real-time wireless surveillance meets the key objective for global surveillance including:

  • Early detection of outbreaks
  • Near real-time assessment of incidence
  • Describing patterns of risk
  • Regional and National specific disease monitoring

Virena provides an electronic data system for the near real-time result acquisition and exchange of disease surveillance information. When used in conjunction with Sofia, this automatic, labor-free transmission of de-identified data is a valuable adjunct to the objective, rapid diagnostic service enabled by Sofia Influenza A+B and RSV.

  • Provides global wireless surveillance that works with Sofia to provide near real-time de-identified results in a secure and accessible database.
  • Generates daily results automatically allowing for near real-time downloads without impacting workload requirements.
  • Provides daily statistics that allow for a better indication of actual disease prevalence.
  • Calculates percent positives for a given analyte (flu, RSV, etc.), location or period of time.
  • Visually maps disease progression through multiple views from a county, state or national perspective.
  • Provides secured website access and downloadable CSV file format for state or national data analysis.