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International Ordering Information

Technical Support
Inquiries for technical information, product performance, or updates on new products should be directed to the Technical Support or the Sales Representative for your geographical area by calling 800.874.1517 (in the U.S.) and 858.552.1100 (outside the U.S.).

International Sales

Viral Cell Cultures in International Transport

Cell cultures are perishable. They are sensitive to transportation and temperature induced stresses. Quidel outdates its final product cell cultures at nine days post-shipping from our facility. The short useful life of confluent cell cultures which remains after transport to many international locations, coupled with the cost of repetitive shipments of fresh confluent cell cultures, may make them an impractical choice. In some locations Quidel has determined the shipping risk to fragile confluent cell cultures to be unacceptable.

Quidel has developed two cell culture alternatives for its international customers. FreshFrozenCells®, frozen cell suspensions in patented MixedCells™ and in traditional single cell lines to detect a wide range of viruses are shipped on dry ice or in LN2 with a six-month outdate. In addition our frozen cultured monolayers of mixed cells in shell vials with coverslips--ReadyCells® R-Mix for respiratory virus detection, Hs27 for HSV and CMV detection, and McCoy for Chlamydia detection--are shipped only on dry ice with a three-month outdate. Frozen cell suspensions and ReadyCells can be shipped in bulk to minimize repetitive shipping costs.

Quidel is sensitive to the cell culture needs of its international customers. We want to provide product appropriately formatted and packaged for optimal laboratory performance. FreshFrozenCells and ReadyCells have been demonstrated to perform satisfactorily for their intended use as stated in the product insert, if stored and used as directed before the expiration date. We would be pleased to assist you in determining the appropriate cell format for your location.

Shipping and Care of Frozen Cells

Quidel is an experienced shipper of frozen cell products. Orders are packed and shipped according to developed standards. Shipments of frozen cells are accompanied by a form documenting how the products were packed. The form also contains a brief protocol on how to transfer frozen cells from the shipping container to the laboratory storage unit. The form should be completed and returned to Quidel via fax upon transfer of frozen material. The form is retained as part of the quality process at Quidel and may be referred to during a technical inquiry. If you have received frozen product via a distributor, the distributor should provide a similar form to you.