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Clinical (U.S.)

Quidel MicroVue Products are a well-established name in Immune System Monitoring, assays for the assessment of complement activation, as well as biochemical bone markers.

MicroVue Complement

Diagnostic EIA Kits*

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

Diagnostic kits and controls for assessment of two types of circulating immune complexes (CIC), diagnosis of hereditary angioedema (HAE) and measurement of total classical pathway activity.

Catalog Number Qty Description
A001 1 Kit MicroVue CIC-C1q EIA (Detection of C1q-binding circulating immune complexes)
A002 1 Kit MicroVue CIC-Raji Cell Replacement EIA (Detection of C3d-bound circulating immune complexes)
A013 1 Set MicroVue ClC-C1q Controls
A018 1 Kit MicroVue CH50 Eq EIA (Classical complement pathway activity)
A027 1 Kit MicroVue Bb Plus Fragment EIA
A037 1 Kit MicroVue C1-lnhibitor Plus EIA (Functional C1-lnhibitor levels)

*All MicroVue Complement IVD products are also CE marked.

Bone Health

Diagnostic EIA Kits*

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

Diagnostic kits for assessment of bone/joint activity.

Catalog Number Quantity Description
8007 (CE) 1 Kit MicroVue DPD EIA Deoxypyridinoline crosslinks (urine)
8010 (CE) 1 Kit MicroVue PYD EIA Pyridinium crosslinks (urine)
8012 (CE) 1 Kit MicroVue BAP EIA Bone Alkaline Phosphatase
8046 (CE) 1 Kit MicroVue 25-OH Vitamin D EIA Total 25-OH Vitamin D

*All MicroVue Bone IVD products are also CE marked