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Polyclonal Antiserum to Human C1q Protein

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

A goat antiserum raised against human C1q protein

Quidel's polyclonal antiserum to human C1q has been used in a variety of immunochemical techniques including RID, EIA, Ouchterlony, and Immunohistology. Please contact Quidel Technical Support for further information.


Wright, A., Morrison, S. Effect of C2 Associated Carbohydrate structure of Ig Effector function: studies with chimeric mouse human IgG1 Antibodies in glycosylation mutants of chinese hamster ovary cells, J. Immunol 160:3393-3402, 1998.

Nicholson-Weller, A., Butko, P., Wessels, M.  Role of Complement Component C1q in IgG independent Opsonophagocytosis of Group B Streptococcus, J. Immunol 163:2761-2768, 1999.

Merri, S., et al. Complement mediated killing of tumors in vitro, Amer. J. Path 153:845-855( 2000).

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Product Spec NameProduct Spec Data

2°C to 8°C


2.0 mL


Whole antiserum


0.02% Sodium azide

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2.0 mL

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