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Mouse Factor B Antibody (FB/Ba)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

A rat monoclonal antibody to an epitope of mouse intact Factor B (Ba) protein.

This monoclonal antibody was raised against recombinant mouse Factor B protein. The specificity of the monoclonal antibody was established via a series of immunoassays. The antibody was shown by ELISA and Western Blot (WB) to bind highly purified mouse intact Factor B protein and fragment Ba, but not fragment Bb.

Quidel's Mouse Factor B Antibody (FB/Ba) has been characterized in ELISA and WB. Please contact Quidel Technical Support for details on these or other applications.

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~1 mg/mL. Varies by lot so refer to CoA.


~1 mg/mL. Varies by lot so refer to CoA.


Short term (30 days) 4˚C. Long term at or below –20˚C


ELISA, WB (See citations and technical data sheet for application info)

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A rat monoclonal antibody to an epitope on mouse Factor Ba protein.

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