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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The MicroVue iC3b EIA Enzyme Immunoassay measures concentrations of iC3b in human plasma, sera or other experimental fluids. It uses a proprietary monoclonal antibody to a neo-epitope on iC3b to capture the analyte. The trapped iC3b is subsequently detected by HRP-labeled antibodies to C3 antigens. This test provides a rapid, non-radioactive method for assessing iC3b levels. It is designed for investigations into the role and or status of complement activation in numerous research and clinical settings.

The MicroVue iC3b Enzyme Immunoassay measures the amount of iC3b present in human plasma, serum and other biological or experimental samples. Levels of iC3b are indicative of the amount of C3 cleavage (hence total complement activation) in the sample.

iC3b is generated during the activation of the complement system via the classical or alternative pathway. When a convertase enzyme cleaves C3, C3a and C3b are released in parallel. In vivo, the C3b molecule has a very short half life; C3b is rapidly cleaved to iC3b which can serve as a marker for complement activation by the alternative or classical pathway.


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