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Intended Use For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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Size 1 Kit (96 well)
Application ELISA
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The MicroVue Complement Multiplex assay measures the amount of various complement proteins in human plasma or serum specimens.

Available analytes include: Ba, Bb, C3a, C4a, C5a, SC5b-9, Factor H, Factor I

The Complement System consists of more than 50 fluid and membrane-bound proteins and protein fragments organized into four primary pathways: the Classical, Alternative, Lectin and Terminal. By a series of specific activation steps via either the classical, alternative, or the lectin pathway, the complement proteins mediate a set of activities ranging from the initiation of inflammation, clearance of immune complexes, disruption of cell membranes, and regulation of the immune response. Deficiencies in the complement cascade can predispose individuals to infection through ineffective opsonization or defects in the ability to lyse invading pathogens. Besides its essential role in maintaining health, the importance of the complement system in medicine lies in the fact that many acute and chronic diseases are associated with abnormalities in its function. Accordingly, quantitative analysis of different complement proteins and their activation by products are of great practical importance in experimental and clinical medicine.

There are numerous immunological methods for complement testing, including individual protein ELISA-based kits measuring complement cleavage products as markers of complement activation. However, the ability to measure multiple complement proteins in an individual sample constitutes a major step forward in research-based tools. The MicroVue Complement Multiplex assays can measure the amount of individual complement proteins Ba, Bb, C3a, C4a, C5a, SC5b-9, Factor H, Factor I, providing a comprehensive overview of complement system homeostasis and activation.

Features & Benefits


Utilizes reagents from first-in-class MicroVue Complement EIA kits

Ensures high level results consistent with MicroVue brand

Uses ELISA-based multiplex technology from Quansys Bioscience

Save time and money while using less sample

Customized kits of 3-8 complement analytes available

Test for analytes specific to your experiment

Product Specifications

Product Spec NameProduct Spec Data


Assay Time

3 hours


96 wells/plate (3-8 analytes/well)

Sample type


Ordering Information

Catalog NumberDescription

Standard 8-plex EIA Multiplex (Ba, Bb, C3a, C4a, C5a, SC5b-9, Factor H, Factor I), controls included


Custom 3-plex EIA multiplex, controls included


Custom 4-plex EIA multiplex, controls included


Custom 5-plex EIA multiplex, controls included


Custom 6-plex EIA multiplex, controls included


Custom 7-plex EIA multiplex, controls included


MicroVue Complement Multiplex Calibrators, controls included

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