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Intended Use For Research Use Only in the United States. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Catalog Number A021 (US), A025 (XUS)
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Size 1 Kit (96 well)
Application ELISA
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For Research Use Only in the United States. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The MicroVue C5a Enzyme Immunoassay measures the amount of C5a-des-Arg present in human serum, plasma and other biological or experimental samples.

Complement protein C5 is unique to the terminal complement pathway and under normal conditions is cleaved by a C5 convertase to C5a and C5b as a result of activation of the classical, alternative or lectin complement pathway.

Research has shown that elevated levels of C5a have been associated with pathogenesis of a variety of disease states including myocardial infarction, stroke and kidney injury. The role of C5a in the pathogenesis of malaria and other infectious diseases as well as sepsis is likewise well documented.

The MicroVue C5a Enzyme Immunoassay measures the concentration of C5a in human plasma, serum and other experimental samples. It uses a proprietary monoclonal antibody to a neo-epitope on C5a to capture C5a in solid phase. The trapped C5a is then detected by HRP-labeled antibodies to C5a antigens. This test provides a quantitative measurement of C5a levels and is designed for investigations into the role and status of terminal complement pathway activation in numerous clinical and research settings.


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ELISA Kit, control included

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