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Solana is a bench top instrument that combines Quidel’s proprietary helicase-dependent amplification (HDA) with fluorescence detection to deliver molecular results you can trust, faster than ever before.

The Solana testing system is easily accessible and can be seamlessly integrated. Solana’s workflow is easy and flexible, capable of testing a single specimen or batching up to 12 tests at a time.

Solana offers an intuitive, touch-screen interface with guided operation and customizable settings. The instrument possesses four USB ports, bar code technology, an external printer, and LIS connectivity. Results are reported on the screen, stored in the instrument and can be saved to a USB drive, printed, and/or sent to the LIS.

Solana also comes with the power of Virena®, Quidel’s proprietary wireless data management and surveillance ecosystem.

Features & Benefits


Isothermal amplification

Ensures molecular sensitivity with moderate complexity.

Eliminates thermal cycling to aid in faster time to result (as little as 30 minutes)

Simplified workflow

Avoids the need for specialized molecular operator training, making Solana easily adoptable

Small foot-print

Facilitates decentralization of the instruments to bring them closer to the patient

Data Management

Results can be reported and stored in multiple ways to meet your data management needs:

  • USB data export to assist in the transfer of data without the need for direct connection
  • Optional printing allows for storage of hardcopy results which may enhance post-analytical processes
  • Test, QC, and Calibration results stored on-board
  • LIS and Middleware capable
  • Available with the power of Virena


Solana offers supervisors the ability to set access rights by operator to prevent unauthorized use or use by untrained operators

Barcode technology

Reduce time and errors associated with manually recording patient and operator ID


Reduce time manually recording test results and risk of transcription errors. Connect to many of existing information systems.

Product Specifications

Product Spec NameProduct Spec Data

9.4 in deep x 9.4 in wide x 5.9 in high


8.8 lbs

Power supply input

100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 1.5-0.7 Amps


7” touchscreen

Operating temperature

15°C to 35°C/59°F to 95°F Indoor use only, elevation up to 2,000m high

Operating humidity

Highest relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 31°C

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Solana Instrument