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For customers who opted-in for use of the Virena system, please register at myvirena.com to utilize account specific data management services and near real-time mapping of disease incidence and prevalence.

Visit connectme.quidel.com for help connecting your Quidel Instruments to and using the Virena test results surveillance system.

Accurate tests are just part of the solution. With the disease tracking, mapping and data collection tools provided by Virena, together we’re able to observe, track, report and respond rapidly to emerging infectious disease.

Better Information. Better Health.

Available with Quidel’s automated testing platforms, Virena is a wireless cloud-based system that provides two powerful options:

Surveillance: An innovative solution for the daily capture and management of patient de-identified results when testing using Sofia and/or Solana. The de-identified test results are mapped and forwarded to public health, providing near real-time data for actionable community response.

Data Management System: An economical instrument management system that allows you to collate, report and analyze daily, de-identified test results from Sofias and/or Solanas located throughout your healthcare system. Authorized personnel, through a secure database, can view de-identified data, QC data, calibration data, operator and assay usage data from each connected facility.

See our respiratory site for interactive maps for Influenza and COVID-19, blogs, webinars and more.

For more information about Virena, please contact your Quidel representative.