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Empower heart failure treatment decisions or risk stratify patients with ACS at the point of care or in the laboratory with the Quidel Triage NT-proBNP Test, a rapid, quantitative test for the measurement of NT-proBNP. (Not available in the U.S.)

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Features & Benefits


Diagnosis of patients with suspected CHF

Risk stratification of patients with HF

Risk stratification of patients with ACS

Assessment of increased risk for cardiovascular events and mortality in patients at risk for HF who have stable CAD

Product Specifications

Product Spec Data

For use with Quidel Triage MeterPro

Yields results in about 20 minutes

Uses plasma or whole blood in EDTA

Ordering Information

Catalog NumberDescription
98700EU (Worldwide)

Quidel Triage NT-proBNP Test

98713EU (Worldwide)

Quidel Triage NT-proBNP Control 1

98714EU (Worldwide)

Quidel Triage NT-proBNP Control 2