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Quidel Triage D-Dimer 檢驗是快速、定量免疫分析法的一種,可協助評估與評價疑似患有泛發性血管內血液凝固症 (DIC) 和血栓栓塞事件(包括肺栓塞 (PE) 和深層靜脈栓塞 (DVT))的患者。


1. Dempfle CE, Zips S, Ergul H, Heene DL. The Fibrin Assay Comparison Trial (FACT): Evaluation of 23 quantitative D-dimer assays as basis for the development of D-dimer calibrators. Thromb Haemost. 2001;85:671-678.

2. Stein PD, Hull RD, Patel KC, et al. D-dimer for the exclusion of acute venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism: a systematic review. Ann Intern Med. 2004;140:589-602.

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Features & Benefits


快速、輕鬆並且以低廉的費用評估可能患有 PE/DVT 的患者,以便實施治療

減少患者 LOS(住院天數)


利用 3B6 D-dimer 抗體,在 PE 和 DVT 中展現高度臨床特異性1,2

Product Specifications

Product Spec Data

用於 Quidel Triage Meters 測定儀

使用 EDTA 中的血漿或全血

約 20 分鐘即可提供結果

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98100 (US)

Quidel Triage D-Dimer Test

98100EU (全世界)

Quidel Triage D-Dimer Test

88753 (全世界)

Quidel Triage Total 5 Control 1

88754 (全世界)

Quidel Triage Total 5 Control 2

88755 (全世界)

Quidel Triage Total 5 Calibration Verification