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The Quidel Triage Cardio3 Panel is a flourescence immunoassay, to be used with the point-of-care Quidel Triage MeterPro, for quantitative measurements of CK-MB, next generation Troponin I and B-type Natriuretic Peptide. (Not available in the U.S.)

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Features & Benefits


BNP can provide rapid risk assessment and differential diagnosis of patients presenting with shortness of breath and risk assessment of patients with acute coronary syndromes

Aid in the diagnosis and assessment of severity of CHF

Aid in the risk stratification of patients with HF

Aid in the risk stratification of patients with ACS

TnI and Myoglobin aid in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction (injury)

Allows the physician to benefit from the higher sensitivity afforded by using a 99th percentile TnI with a cut off at 0.02 ng/ml

Has the potential to decrease ED LOS and TAT

Can improve clinical, economic and operational outcomes

Product Specifications

Product Spec Data

For use with Quidel Triage MeterPro

Yields results in about 20 minutes

Uses plasma or whole blood in EDTA

Ordering Information

Catalog NumberDescription
97400EU (Worldwide)

Quidel Triage Cardio3 Panel

88733 (Worldwide)

Quidel Triage Total 3 Control 1

88734 (Worldwide)

Quidel Triage Total 3 Control 2