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The Quidel Triage BNP Test for Beckman Coulter® Immunoassay Systems empowers higher throughput BNP with rapid testing and automation. Provides clinically interchangable BNP results between the Quidel Triage MeterPro and Beckman Coulter UniCel® DxI 800 or Beckman Coulter Access® 2 Immunoassay System.

Access, UniCel and Dxl are trademarks of Beckman Coulter, Inc.

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Features & Benefits


Have confidence in the consistency of your BNP results, whether they are performed in the ED, at the point of care, or in the laboratory

Aid in the diagnosis of CHF

Aid in the assessment of severity of CHF

Risk stratify patients with HF

Risk stratify patients with ACS

Product Specifications

Product Spec Data

Yields results in about 15 minutes

Uses plasma sample in EDTA

Offers clinically interchangable results on multiple platform configurations to span high and mid- to-low-volume applications

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