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Sofia, the next generation in diagnostic testing, takes rapid testing to a whole new level. Proven lateral-flow technology and proprietary advanced fluorescence chemistry and assay development techniques are all integrated into two small bench top analyzers that can be used near patient and in laboratory settings.

Sofia 2 has the power to deliver highly accurate, objective and automated Influenza A+B and RSV results fast. With Sofia 2’s proprietary Advance Result Technology (ART), Sofia 2 can produce and store results in as few as 3 minutes, giving you, your providers and your patients an accurate result, faster than ever before. 

Sofia rapid test kits are easy to use, which means Sofia can be adapted to the needs of any healthcare setting. From the small physician office laboratory to larger hospital labs or emergency departments, Sofia's high performance, objectivity, quality control, fail-safe measures, LIS capabilities and expanding test menu make Sofia the perfect solution for those looking to improve their rapid testing algorithm.

With the power of Virena wireless connectivity and myvirena.com, all instrument and user history can be easily, securely and remotely accessed from any desktop. This industry first feature provides near real-time infectious disease mapping and reporting.