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Rapid Visual Tests

Rapid Visual Tests or Lateral Flow Assays (also known as immunochromatographic assays) are used to rapidly diagnosis a wide variety of medical conditions. Quidel has been a leader in the development and production of high quality lateral flow diagnostics since the early 1990’s. We offer a broad portfolio of rapid lateral flow assays that can be interpreted either visually (QuickVue) or with the aid of an Instrument (Sofia). The principle of Quidel’s Lateral Flow Assay utilizes a sandwich design to detect a specific analyte in the test specimen. Which means the analyte is bound between two components, i.e. antibody – antigen – antibody; or antigen – antibody – antibody (bold indicates target analyte). Each of Quidel’s Lateral Flow Assays contains an on board quality control to indicate that the test has run properly.

Quidel’s Lateral Flow Assays are made up of four components:

  • Sample Pad
  • Conjugate Pad
  • Capture Membrane
  • Absorbent Pad

Lateral Flow Assay Components

The test specimen is added to the Sample Pad, where it may be conditioned for the specific assay. The sample then migrates through the Conjugate Pad; if the target analyte is present, it will bind to test micro-particles. As the sample flows through the Capture Membrane the micro-particles bound to the test analyte will bind in the Test Location (depicted above by the red line). If the test runs properly, a line will develop on the Control Line (depicted above by the blue line).



Acute Conjunctivitis

In-Line Cassette

Plus/Minus Cassette