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For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

MicroVue PYD provides a quantitative measure of pyridinium cross-links (Pyd and Dpd) as an indicator of type I collagen resorption, especially bone collagen. Pyd and Dpd are excreted unmetabolized in urine.

MicroVue PYD is intended for use as an indicator of type I collagen resorption, especially bone collagen.

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96 wells/plate

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Performance Characteristics

Method: Competitive
Analyte: Pyridinium cross-links
Specimen: Urine
Specimen Volume: 50 µL
Sensitivity: 7.5 nM/L
Dynamic Range: 15-750 nM
Precision CVs within-run: 6%-10%
Precision CVs between-run: 3%-11%
Incubation Time: 4 Hours
    Free Dpd 100%
    Free Pyd 100%
    Pyd/Dpd peptides < 2.5% 
Expected Values:
    Females: >25 yr. premenopausal: 16.0-37.0 nmol Pyd/mmol Cr
    Males: 12.8-25.6 nmol Pyd/mmol Cr

About the Assay


96-well microplate with reagents sufficient to test 40 samples in duplicate Antibody Specificity: The antibody in the assay has a selective, high affinity for free Pyd and Dpd and negligible binding to Pyd and Dpd peptides.

Species Reactivity

Mouse, Rat, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Pig, Dog, Sheep, Horse, Cynomolgus Monkey, Rhesus Macaque, Human Cell Culture

Assay Steps

  • Add 50 µL of 1
  • 10 diluted Standards, Controls and samples
  • Add 100 µL cold Enzyme Conjugate
  • Incubate 3 hours ± 10 minutes at 2°C to 8°C
  • Wash 3 times with 1X Wash Buffer
  • Add 150 µL room temperature Working Substrate Solution
  • Incubate 60 ± 5 minutes at room temperature
  • Add 100 µL Stop Solution and read OD at 405 nm
  • Data Reduction: 4 Parameter
  • Correct for creatinine concentration

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96 Wells/Plate