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QuickVue Rapid Lateral-Flow Tests — Rapid Visual-Read Immunoassays

Quidel has manufactured the QuickVue line of products for hospital and physician office labs for over 30 years. QuickVue rapid lateral flow tests produce accurate results in minutes, allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment. QuickVue products encompass areas of infectious disease, women’s health and general health. These tests include Influenza, RSV, Strep A, fecal occult blood, pregnancy, chlamydia, infectious mononucleosis, and H. pylori. QuickVue products have continued to deliver quality results with a variety of formats well suited for both POC and laboratory needs.

QuickVue+ includes products such as Strep A, pregnancy, and infectious mononucleosis. The test has a universally recognized plus/minus (+/–) endpoint to clearly distinguish the result. It also contains two reagent extractions that make testing easy for anyone in the physician office or lab. The Test Complete indicator appears in about 5 minutes to let you know when the test results can be read.

QuickVue In-Line Strep A allows for the rapid detection of group A streptococcal antigen directly from patient throat swab specimens. QuickVue In-Line Strep A is a true one-step test. The unique in-line extraction and rapid procedure allow testing to take place at the point of care. Two-color results can also give you clear readability, and the proven accuracy of the QuickVue In-Line Strep A test provides dependable results.



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