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Product Category: Sofia

Sofia SARS Antigen FIA
Link|Patient and Provider FAQ Sheet|https://data.cms.gov/download/tv7a-xetf/application%2Fpdf
SDSEN - EnglishPDF icon SDS
SDSEN - EnglishPDF icon EN -EU
SDSMultiplePDF icon DE, IT, FR, ES, PT
Sales SheetEN - EnglishPDF icon Sales Sheet
Sales SheetEN - EnglishPDF icon EN - Canada
Sales SheetEN - EnglishPDF icon EN - XUS
Sales SheetDE - GermanPDF icon DE - XUS
Sales SheetIT - ItalianPDF icon IT -XUS
CLSIEN - EnglishPDF icon CLSI
Package InsertEN - EnglishPDF icon English – Australia only
Package InsertEN - EnglishPDF icon CE - English
Package InsertDE - GermanPDF icon CE - German
Package InsertES - SpanishPDF icon CE - Spanish
Package InsertFR - FrenchPDF icon CE - French
Package InsertIT - ItalianPDF icon CE - Italian
Package InsertPT - PortuguesePDF icon CE - Portuguese
Package InsertNL - DutchPDF icon CE - Dutch
Package InsertDA - DanishPDF icon CE - Danish
Package InsertNO - NorwegianPDF icon CE - Norwegian
Package InsertSV - SwedishPDF icon CE - Swedish
Package InsertEN - EnglishPDF icon EN - Canada
Package InsertCF - Canadian-FrenchPDF icon CF - Canada
Package InsertEN - EnglishPDF icon US - EUA
Package InsertMultiplePDF icon Controls -BP, DE, IT, FR, ES, PT
Package InsertEN - EnglishPDF icon Control Swab Set -EN
Package InsertMultiplePDF icon Controls -DA, NL, NO, SV
Technical BulletinEN - EnglishPDF icon Liquid Proficiency Sample Testing Procedure
Technical BulletinEN - EnglishPDF icon Antigen CPT Code
Technical BulletinEN - EnglishPDF icon Antigen vs. Antibody Testing
Technical BulletinEN - EnglishPDF icon Detection of SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV
Technical BulletinEN - EnglishPDF icon SARS-CoV-2 Virus Inactivation
Technical BulletinMultiplePDF icon SARS-CoV-2 Virus Inactivation - CF, DE, ES, FR, IT
Technical BulletinEN - EnglishPDF icon Firmware 1.12 Update
Training ToolsEN - EnglishPDF icon Proper Pipetting Technique
QuizEN - EnglishPDF icon For use with Sofia and Sofia 2
FAQEN - EnglishPDF icon FAQ
Quick Reference InstructionsMultiplePDF icon BP, EL, ES
Quick Reference InstructionsMultiplePDF icon DE, IT, FR
Quick Reference InstructionsCF - Canadian-FrenchPDF icon CF
Quick Reference InstructionsEN - EnglishPDF icon Batch Testing Protocol
Quick Reference InstructionsEN - EnglishPDF icon Quick Reference Instructions
Quick Reference InstructionsEN - EnglishPDF icon English -XUS
Sample CollectionEN - EnglishPDF icon How To Obtain Nasal/Nasopharyngeal Swab Specimens
Fact SheetEN - EnglishPDF icon Healthcare Providers
Fact SheetEN - EnglishPDF icon Patients
Fact SheetFR - FrenchPDF icon Healthcare Providers - FR
Fact SheetES - SpanishPDF icon Healthcare Providers - ES
Fact SheetFR - FrenchPDF icon Patients - FR
Fact SheetES - SpanishPDF icon Patients - ES