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Product Category: Sofia

Sofia 2 Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyzer
SDSIT - ItalianPDF icon IT
SDSEN - EnglishPDF icon SDS
Sales SheetEN - EnglishPDF icon Sales Sheet
Sales SheetES - SpanishPDF icon Spanish
Technical BulletinEN - EnglishPDF icon Firmware 1.12 Update
Technical BulletinEN - EnglishPDF icon Firmware 1.13 Update
Technical BulletinEN - EnglishPDF icon Running External QC
Technical BulletinEN - EnglishPDF icon Accessing Patient Data
Training ToolsEN - EnglishPDF icon FASTrain Remote Training and Installation Brochure
FAQEN - EnglishPDF icon FAQ
FAQEN - EnglishPDF icon Automatic Updates
User ManualNL - DutchPDF icon Dutch
User ManualDA - DanishPDF icon Danish
User ManualNO - NorwegianPDF icon Norwegian
User ManualSV - SwedishPDF icon Swedish
User ManualFI - FinnishPDF icon Finnish
User ManualRO - RomanianPDF icon Romanian
User ManualDE - GermanPDF icon German
User ManualEN - EnglishPDF icon User Manual
User ManualIT - ItalianPDF icon Italian
User ManualEN - EnglishPDF icon Firmware 1.12 or higher
User ManualFR - FrenchPDF icon French
User ManualES - SpanishPDF icon Spanish
User ManualPT - PortuguesePDF icon Portuguese
User ManualBP - Brazilian PortuguesePDF icon Brazilian-Portuguese
User ManualEL - GreekPDF icon Greek
QuickStart GuideCF - Canadian-FrenchPDF icon DE, IT, FR, ES, BP, NL, DA, NO, SV
QuickStart GuideEN - EnglishPDF icon QuickStart Guide
QuickStart GuideEN - EnglishPDF icon Firmware 1.12 or higher
Installation InstructionsEN - EnglishPDF icon Virena Setup Instructions