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The D3 DFA Metapneumovirus Identification Kit* is intended for the qualitative detection and identification of human metapneumovirus (hMPV) in nasal and nasopharyngeal swabs and aspirates/washes or cell culture. The assay detects hMPV antigens by immunofluorescence using a blend of three monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), from patients with signs and symptoms of acute respiratory infection. This assay detects but is not intended to differentiate the four recognized genetic sublineages of hMPV.

For identification of all four identified subtypes of Metapneumovirus in both Direct Specimens and Rapid ­Culture.

  • Rapid one-step 15 minute stain
  • D3 DFA testing methodology for absolute confidence in results
  • A complete solution – everything needed for testing is contained in the D3 DFA Metapneumovirus Identification Kit

*Licensed by ViroNovative BV

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D3 DFA Metapneumovirus Identification Kit

Kit Includes:


MPV DFA Reagent

5 mL

40X PBS Concentrate

25 mL

Mounting Fluid (pH 8.0-8.4)

7 mL

hMPV Antigen Control Slides


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