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The D3 DFA Chlamydiae Culture Confirmation Kit is intended for the qualitative identification of Chlamydiae lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in inoculated cell cultures by immunofluorescence using fluoresceinated monoclonal antibodies (MAbs).
Greater Than 1 Million Chlamydial Infections Were Reported to the CDC* – The need for rapid, accurate Chlamydiae culture still exists. Why risk a weak link in your Chlamydiae diagnostic chain? Quidel offers a full system approach.
  • Cell culture is still the gold standard
  • A complete system approach to the isolation and ­identification of chlamydiae spp
  • Large or small laboratories, Quidel has a solution to match your needs.




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Catalog NumberDescriptionKit Size / Case Size

D3 DFA Chlamydiae Culture Confirmation Kit

Kit Includes:


D3 DFA Chlamydia Reagent

5 mL

Mounting Fluid (pH 8.0-8.4)

7 mL

40X PBS Concentrate

25 mL

Chlamydia Antigen Control Slides

10 (5 positive, 5 negative)

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