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Collection and Transport

Specimen quality has always been a concern for Virology Laboratories performing cell culture. The Flocked Swab and Universal Transport MediumTM (UTM) systems optimize both the collection and transport of these critical specimens. The Flocked Swab assures the highest quality specimen is obtained from the patient. The UTM transports it to the testing laboratory with minimal loss of viability, minimizing or eliminating costly inadequate samples and resulting recollections.

CDC Recommends – Ideally, swab specimens should be collected using sterile swabs with a synthetic tip (Flocked Swabs) on an aluminum or plastic shaft.1

Increased Cell Count

Patented flocking technique increases surface area of the swab and puts the ­collection material where it needs to be. Use Flocked Swabs to recover up to twice as many infected cells as with ­mattress swabs.2

Decrease Rejected Samples

Flocked Swabs provide the highest cell recovery and release rate of any NP swabs. This ­provides a better specimen for all diagnostic platforms and reduces QNS samples by collecting a high volume of sample cells on a single swab.3

Preserve Your Options

By using UTM to transport your ­specimen, you maintain the ­capability to ­reflex ­negative samples to the ­diagnostic ­technology of your choice.

Multiple Organisms in One Medium

UTM has been shown to transport viruses, ­chlamydiae, mycoplasma and ureaplasma ­in a viable state – exceedingly well.


2Daley et al. “Comparison of Flocked and Rayon Swabs for Collection of Respiratory Epithelial Cells from ­Uninfected Volunteers and Symptomatic Patients.” Journal of Clinical Microbiology, June 2006, p. 2265-2267.

3Poster, Copan, “Lowered Sample Rejection Rate for Rapid Direct Detection of Respiratory Viruses in Children by Use of a Flocked Swab and Nasopharyngeal Sampling.”2007 Clinical Virology Symposium, Clearwater, Florida. Universal Transport Medium is a trademark of CopanUSA.