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Cell Culture

Quidel is the largest manufacturer of cell culture products for clinical virology applications. Quidel offers many conventional and proprietary cell line products under the Diagnostic Hybrids (DHI) brands for use in viral isolation, amplification and identification. Our cell lines are sold under the brands of FreshCellsTM, MixedCellsTM, ReadyCells®, and ELVIS®. Cell lines are available in shell vial or multi-well plate format for centrifuged-enhanced, rapid viral detection; in convenient ReadyCells® format for on-demand culture; and in tube format for conventional culture. In addition, Quidel also manufactures a full menu of media, supplements, detection reagents, controls, and collection and transport products which provides the convenience of one source for all cell culture needs.

RECENT NEWS: CellPro Labs Has Transitioned It’s Cell Culture and Media Business to Quidel

Effective as of April 3, 2017, CellPro Labs, Inc. has transitioned its cell culture and media business to Quidel. Please contact Quidel customer support at 800-874-1517 or via http://www.quidel.com/support/customer-support if you have any questions or need assistance in transitioning your cell culture and media orders to Quidel.

If you have customer support, technical support or other questions related to orders or products that were supplied to you prior to April 3, 2017, please contact CellPro via http://cellprolabs.com.

Product Labels Update for DHI Media, FreshFrozenCells, and Staining Reagents

Product Labels Update for Cell Culture Products



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