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Benefits at Quidel

Benefits Overview

Quidel is dedicated to offering attractive benefits that enhance employees' quality of life. These benefits are designed to offer employees a menu of options so that each employee may select benefits most meaningful to his/her personal situation. We consider our benefit plans to be an important component of total compensation for our employees.

Medical, Dental and Vision

Our employees are provided with comprehensive medical, dental and vision coverage, including prescription coverage, chiropractic, mental health, and orthodontia benefits. Employees pay a modest portion of premiums for the coverage they elect. Family coverage is available and coverage is effective on the first day of employment.


Quidel's Savings and Retirement Plan (401k) gives employees the opportunity to invest for their future by allowing contributions to a variety of funds on a tax-deferred basis. To maximize an employee's retirement savings, Quidel matches 50% of employee contributions up to 6% of annual income. The maximum deferral amount an employee is allowed is governed by IRS regulations.

Income Replacement

In order to protect employees not able to work due to illness or disability, Quidel provides income replacement programs including Sick Time, Long Term Disability, and Workers Compensation (for work incurred injuries).

Life Insurance

All Quidel employees receive a Basic Life/AD&D benefit upon hire. Additional optional Life Benefits are also available for employees, their spouse, and children.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Upon meeting certain eligibility requirements, Quidel employees are eligible to participate in an Employee Stock Purchase Plan. This plan allows employees to share in the success of the company by purchasing discounted stock through payroll deductions.

Flexible Benefit Spending Plan

This program allows for deductions on a pre-tax basis to pay for certain healthcare and dependent care expenses.


Employees start accruing vacation hours upon hire. Accrual rates are based upon an employee's years of service.


Quidel observes 10 paid holidays each calendar year.

Employee Assistance Program

All Quidel employees and members of their households are eligible to utilize a confidential Employee Assistance Program to access a variety of services including counseling and referrals to financial/legal resources.

Great Work Environment

Quidel supervisors meet with their employees at least quarterly to identify opportunities and challenges, provide performance feedback, and explore how they can help their employees grow their careers.  With a move toward increased collaboration, growth and innovation, now is a great time to work at Quidel.